Homes for Rent

Revelstoke Road, Southfields
Ref 003-443

£2400 per week
Available for 2 to 3 weeks

3 double


Newly refurbished, this modern terraced house is within 15 minutes’ walk of the tourney, thru the Park.  There is a convenience and coffee shop within 2 minutes’ walk.  Wimbledon Park tube and Southfields tube are equi-distant, a 7 minute walk and both areas are fully of shops and restaurants. Wifi is present.


On the ground floor is a sitting room with comfy sofas, chairs and coffee table.  The TV is 38” and has BT Sports as well as Netflix.  Wifi is present.  The kitchen is fully equipped including a washing machine, but no tumble dryer.  However there is a line in the garden and drying racks. The dining table seats 6 and in the Summer the French doors open out onto a pretty garden where there will be a table, chairs and BBQ.


Up on the first floor are two double bedrooms: one with a king size 5’6”wide double bed and the other with a standard 4’6” wide double bed.  Up in the loft conversion is the master bedroom with a king size 5’6” wide double bed and a new bathroom which will have a power shower, basin and loo.

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